Why Start This Challenge?…

So I was having a nose through my blogging buddy Jenn’s posts over at And The Beat Goes and I stumbled across this 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge:

Week #1 is Why Start This Challenge?  I thought the challenge sounds really interesting and, despite already being 8 weeks behind, I might like to give it a go.  I really like the idea of speaking about some things I am grateful for and paying it forward.  Immediately there were some topics I felt would come quite easy to me but at the same I could also see some weeks that would serve to challenge me and it was this element I was drawn to.  As I’m so far behind I thought I’d take the opportunity to tie weeks #1 and #2 together and kill two birds with one stone.

13th-january-2017Week #2 is Spouse / Significant Other.  This is my Jase and me, or Ade as he is known to his friends as they think he bears a resemblance to Ade Edmondson.  We are collectively referred to as Jelly and Ade.  We have been together for 12 years this year and married for 7 years.  

I guess I could add another mushfest warning and gush relentlessly about why I love him so much.  I could also add reasons why I remind him on a regular basis I am a super nut about CSI, Law & Order and Criminal Minds.  Not only could I murder him and dispose of his body, I’m pretty confident I could get away with it.

In the interest of sticking to the post subject rather than going off on a tangent I’m just going to share a few reasons I am grateful to my Ade:

  • Being the best dad you can be to our son
  • Supporting me through some of the most difficult times a couple can go through
  • Always writing on the wrong side of a card
  • Letting me cry and shout and even give you the silent treatment during our difficulties
  • Maybe an old, outdated, unPC thing but being a great provider
  • Knowing that my crumpets need double dipping at a minimum
  • Leaving me the last diet coke when there is only one left
  • Texting me every morning to ask if I’m ok and I slept alright
  • Doing my hot water bottle for me, even though you can’t deal with that dodgy top
  • For being everything I need you to be, and even some things I don’t

Now this isn’t a tagging kind of post but I’m hoping some of my blogging buddies take part as I’m looking forward to reading some responses.  I will probably cheat and tie my next few posts together just so I can catch up quicker.  Even if you don’t want to take part in the challenge how about sharing something you are grateful for?



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