Love is…

This week it has all been about the love so this post comes with a super dooper mushfest warning.  I’m warning you all in advance this post will be laden with overshares and clichés


Monday was Galentine’s Day and Tuesday Valentine’s Day and my social media feeds have been full of public displays and outpourings.  I love love.  I love the idea of love and the actuality of love.

Like many I spent a long time trying to find it.  Here comes a cliché….I did look for love in all the wrong places.  Being a plus sized lovely, for quite a while I thought I didn’t deserve love.  I would never find love and I would never find someone to love me for who I was.  I fell into the habit of confusing lust and sex with love.  Thinking that if someone wanted to have sex with me surely they must love me right, or think they’d be able to love me.  Luckily I only wasted a couple of years (give or take a couple more) believing in this premise.  It’s probably one of the most valuable lessons I’d love to pass on and it was so liberating to realise my worth wasn’t connected to these two things.  

Anyway I’ve gone off on a tangent as usual.  I was getting to the love bit.  I met my now husband in 2005.  I was at the regional finals of a karaoke competition at my local and he was down there with his brother.  I truthfully thought he fancied my sister when he started chatting to me (this was a regular occurrence).  I even told him if he was interested in her I’d introduce them.  So imagine my surprise when he said it was me he liked if that was ok.  We chatted and arranged a proper date for the following week and three weeks after that we were pretty much a full on item.  This year we have been together 12 years.  I love him with everything I have to give, and some stuff I didn’t even realise I had.  We don’t “do” Valentine’s Day in the traditional sense.  We exchange cards if we remember but we don’t buy in to huge gestures once a year, on a special day.  I find love in the smallest of gestures.  Waking up to a text every morning asking if I’ve slept ok.  Making sure there is always a cold diet coke for me in the fridge (trust me this one could have murderous consequences).  I don’t need chocolates and flowers although the occasional creme egg goes down a treat.    

My point for this post is to acknowledge that I know not all people have this but love can come from anywhere and everywhere.  My family, friends, children, even pets.  I honestly don’t know if there is anyone in the world that loves me more than my furbaby loves me.

In this social media age we live in love can come in the form of a retweet or a post share.  It’s not about popularity it’s about sharing the love.  Someone could be having a bad day or week and the simplest of gestures could cheer them up.  So to that end here are a few things I’ve seen this week that I have loved.

  • The gorgeous Kellie over at Big Fashionista did an awesome blog post featuring Joanie Clothing.
  • Claire from Aloha Lola Cards has been sharing some epic illustrations over on her Twitter feed.  Whether you need buttons or blog headers or just a little motivational pick up Claire’s your girl.
  • If it’s even possible, I fell in love with the delectable Sam from FattyBoomTatty after discovering her love affair with bacon.  A girl after my own heart.

What have you loved this week?  Let me know.  If you’ve not come across anything yet try sharing some love. You never know it might come back to you.




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2 Responses to Love is…

  1. As always Jell another great post. I love this one, you and Ade been together a long as me and Derrick. Win. X


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